Hire Us TodayIn The Recovery Room, we strive to exhaust all reasonable efforts, utilizing the most applicable technologies to recover and restore your data from any digital media. Digital media is susceptible to three types of failure:


“I dropped my portable Hard Drive, now my computer can’t
see it!”

Whether your data was being stored on a portable hard disk drive, a USB Key (Thumb Drive), or it was the main drive in your notebook computer, physical damage can occur in a number of ways. It is important that we know immediately what the known, or suspected cause of the damage was. Sometimes, knowing that a drive has suffered an impact of some sort can be the key point in successfully recovering your data. We will give you an honest opinion of whether recovery is likely, or not. In many cases, physical damage will render the data on the device unrecoverable.


“My computer sees my drive, but wants to format it!!” or “I Accidentally deleted the My Documents folder!!??”

Hard drives are manufactured with defects… this is true and drives will develop “Bad Sectors” over time. Once a sector has gone bad, it is really difficult to retrieve data from it, in fact, for the most part, it is impossible. The problem is, we can’t predict where the bad sectors will be on the drive and the data being stored in them could actually be important Operating System files, or your favorite recipes folder, or your pictures. There are technologies we can use that will recover data from drives which have suffered this type of degradation. Accidental deletions tend to be pretty recoverable, but only if you get the drive to us as soon as possible after the Accident.


“My computer doesn’t recognize my Hard Drive… What can I do?”

Firmware failures take a lot of expertise to recover from. From the diagnosis, we determine what type of firmware failure has occurred and we begin the process of restoring your drive. We have tools to work on all manufacturer’s drives, as well as most USB “Thumb Drives”. We will even attempt to recover data from your camera’s storage device.

In every type of recovery, we follow proven processes and techniques that result in a success rate of higher than 95%... and we do it all right here, in Edmonton.